• For the Students wants to prepare for Engg. or Medical

    The Entrance examination is for Safe Hands capsule Batch or PACE Akola.

  • NTS Merit Students (Qualified for Second Level)

    All these students have taken admission to Safe Hands National Batch for 11th standard.

  • KVPY is very prestigious examination.

    10 students had appeared for interview of KVPY and out of them 9 are selected.

Notice Board

» Safe Hands and PACE Akola, total NINE students are selected (10 students were appeared for interview of KVPY) for award of scholarship of KVPY. Click here to see list.
» Entrance Test for 11th Std. i.e. for National Batch and Capsule Batch will be on 29th March 2015. Click here to Know more.
» National Batch and Capsule Batch(11th Std.) will start from 15th April 2015. There will be gap from 31th May 2015 to 10th June 2015.
» Online Inquiry for Entrance Examination for 29th March 2015. Click here
» The hostel facility for boys and girls is available for Safe Hands Students.
» Mock Test for JEE Mains for C-12 and NB-6 will be on 19, 24, 27 and 30th March-2015.
»for IB, C-12, and Test Series Students A meeting with parents on Saturday-21st March 2015 at 3pm at “Safe Hands, Vidya Bhavan, Akola”. Oke Sir will interact with parents regarding new changes in medical entrance examination and way of preparation for medical exams.

Safe Hands is the educational institution in Akola, where we teach the student, how to learn...!



Congratulations students on your brilliant success in the examination. Check the results of our routine tests, internal examinations and also the results of our state and national toppers.



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  • I am very glad to say something about “Safe Hands”. The name itself suggests that

    Sahil Mune

    Sahil Mune
  • I feel this place is like my home with huge amount of family members living

    Sanket Kalore

    Sanket Kalore
  • The best thing I learned at Safe Hands is that self learning is our greatest

    Chinmay Tayade

    Chinmay Tayade.
  • I feel that the atmosphere is fairly pleasant for studying in Safe Hands and the

    Rohan Ishwarkar

    Rohan Ishwarkar
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Safe Hands is an institution, where education is not just profession but a mission, where we teach our students how to learn, where students are highly disciplined, where students are highly attached.....