Entrance Exam 4 June 2017

Pre-registration form for Entrance exam 4 June 2017 Entrance Exam form and Syllabus for 04-June-2017 Sample Question Paper for Entrance Exam (for Engineering and Medical)   Result of Year-2017 JEE MAIN RESULT 2017 Result of Year-2016 JEE Advance result 2016 Bits Result HSC Results -2016 as known today Aditya Raut won Silver Medal in APMO [...]


RMO camp at Akola 2017  About Aditya Raut Course details and pre requisits List of books for RMO

Foundation(Std 9th and 10th) Result

Major Test -1 Std. 10th (VB+GR) Dt. 12-05-17 Result of Std. 9th Portion Completion Test (PCT-02) Dt. 05-05-2017 Result of Std. 9 th Portion Completion Test (PCT-01) Dt 27-04-17

JEE, NEET & MHT-CET Mock Test Result-2017

MHT-CET MOCK TEST RESULTS: C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST-09 (MHT-CET) Dt. 08-05-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -8 (MHT-CET) Dt. 05-05-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -7 (MH-CET) Dt. 02-05-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -6 (MH-CET) Dt. 28-04-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -5 MH-CET Dt. 25-04-17 C-14 & [...]

JEE-Main-2017 Result


List of Shortlisted Students for IISER Camp

अकोल्यातील १९ विद्यार्थ्यांची समर कॅम्प साठी निवड, भारतातील साधारण १५% वाटा केवळ अकोल्याचा IISER Camp Bhopal shortlisted_candidates_outreach_2017

Result of Entrance Test conducted on 2nd April 2017 & 9th April 2017.

Result of Entrance Test Dt. 09-04-2017 Medical Result (Dt. 09-04-2017) To see selected students result (Medical) click here ---> Result of Entrance Test (Medical) Selected students Dt. 09-04-2017 To see All students result (Medical) click here ---> Result of entrance test (Medical) all students Dt. 09-04-2017-     Engineering Result (Dt. 09-04-2017) To see selected students result (Engg.) click [...]

Summer Camp @ IISER Bhopal

Click Here to know about IISER, Bhopal "Outreach-2017" Camp  Click Here  to Know about Schedule of the Camp    

Silverzone and NSTSE Result 2017

Silverzone result level 2 (Science olympiad) Silverzone result level 2 Maths Olympiad NSTSE_Unified_Council_Result -2017

EDT Time Table & Result for IB

EDT-20 (IB & TEST SERIES) RESULT Dt 07-04-2017 EDT-19 (IB & TEST SERIES) RESULT Dt 06-04-2017 EDT-18 (IB & TEST SERIES) RESULT Dt 05-04-2017 EDT-17 (IB & TEST SERIES) RESULT Dt 04-04-2017 EDT-16 (IB & TEST SERIES) RESULT Dt. 03-04-2017 PCT-3 (IB & TEST SERIES) RESULT Dt. 02-04-17 EDT-15 (IB & TEST SERIES) RESULT Dt [...]