Expression 2017 Invitation of Expression Foundation 8 Jan 2017 Invitation of Expression Seniors 10 Jan 2017

Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture on "Dealing with STD XII Question Paper-English" by Dr. Dipak Damodare is on 2nd Feb. at 3.30 pm @ Aaicha Hall, Vidya Bhavan  

Safe Hands and Autocrat : Exam Conducted on 25-Dec-16

Safe Hands and Autocrat Ent Result -Engineering (Exam Dt 25-12-2016) Safe Hands and Autocrat Ent Result -MEDICAL (Exam Dt 25-12-2016)

Olympiads(IAPT) Result-2016

Result of Junior Science Olympiad NSEJS Result of Biology Olympiad 2016 physics-olympiads-2016 chemistry-olympiads-2016 astronomy-olympiads-2016 Students Qualified for 2nd Level IAPT-2016 IAPT Result 2nd level Bio Olympiad 2016 IAPT Result 2nd level Astronomy Olympiad 2016

Revision (12th Std & 10th Std)

12th revision 2016 with Faculty Details-- 10th-revision

Result of KVPY-2016


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EDT Result & Solution-16-17

Result of EDT JEE 18 click here edt-18-jee-result Result of EDT MH_CET 18 click here  edt-18-mh-cet-result Result of EDT NEET 18 click here edt-18-neet-result   To see the result of NEET EDT 01 click here edt-1-neet-result-final To see the result of NEET EDT-01 Combine Result (Akola+Pace Mumbai) click here combine-result-ranklist-edt-1-dt-14-11-2016 to see the result of MHT CET  EDT 01 click [...]

Result of Entrance Exam held on 27th Nov.

Entrance Test Result (Exam Dt 27-11-2016) To see the result of entrance exam (Engineering) click here--> path-rank-list-engineering-dt-27-11-2016 To see the result of entrance exam (Medical) click here-->path-ranklist-medical-dt-27-11-2016 Solutions path-_engineering_advanced_-answer-key-solution path-medical-answer-key-solution   Result of Year-2016 JEE Advance result 2016 Bits Result HSC Results -2016 as known today Aditya Raut won Silver Medal in APMO Updated MHT-CET Result [...]