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List of Shortlisted Students for IISER Camp

अकोल्यातील १९ विद्यार्थ्यांची समर कॅम्प साठी निवड, भारतातील साधारण १५% वाटा केवळ अकोल्याचा IISER Camp Bhopal shortlisted_candidates_outreach_2017

Revision (12th Std & 10th Std)

12th revision 2016 with Faculty Details-- 10th-revision

Workshop for Parents & NEET TWO Detail solution

NEET UG PHASE-II 2016 QUESTION PAPER & SOLUTIONS Realize Understand and USE capacities within YOU for YOU Registration and feed back form

Start Information

START Information for 2016 Enrollment form of START 2016-17

Summer Camp @ Pune for Class: 8,9th & 6,7th


Homi Bhabha Level Two Preparation

Prepare for Homi Bhabha Level Two with Oke Sir's Safe Hands Mumbai Science Teachers' Association - Practical Exam Instructions Mumbai Science Teachers' Association - History Mumbai Science Teachers' Association - History_1 Mumbai Science Teachers' Association - General Instructions Mumbai Science Teachers' Association - General Instructions_1 Homi_Bhabha_2015_9th_English_Action Research Project

Guest Lecture Domestic Electrification by Mr. Satish Sahastrabuddhe


Detail Information of the event..... Expression Click on event name to know detail.... Cartoon. Be_Bluff_master Handwriting Express_yourself_through_shades.

Science Meet :More Info.

Science Meet @ Khandelwal School Information_and_marking_skim_for_Quiz Science Quiz presentation Kandelwal Science Quiz Science Quiz Question Papers Khandelwal_science_quiz__2015 KYC_Akola Science Quiz News from News Paper "Divya Marathi"