Syllabus for Major Test (NB-10 + C-16)

MAJOR TEST - 1 SYLLABUS (NB-10+C-16) Main Adv (2017 - 2019) Syllabus for Medical Major Test-01 (for 2019 Aspirants)

Entrance Exam 4 June 2017

Entrance Exam form and Syllabus for 04-June-2017 Sample Question Paper for Entrance Exam (for Engineering and Medical)   Result of Year-2017 JEE MAIN RESULT 2017 Result of Year-2016 JEE Advance result 2016 Bits Result HSC Results -2016 as known today Aditya Raut won Silver Medal in APMO Updated MHT-CET Result 2016 Other Results rmo-2016-17 kvpy-result-2016 [...]

NSEJS (JSO)-Model Papers

Result of NSEJS Test-2 Dt-08-11-16 Result of NSEJS test-1 Dt-07-11-2016 nsejs-question-paper-2009-2010 nsejs-2010-solution-junior-science nsejs-2011-2012-question-solution_done nsejs-2013-14-paper-answer-key

Homi Bhabha-Mock Test

9-th-2016-18-homi-bhabha-mock-test-result dt-25-09-16   Homi Bhabha Bal Vaidnyanik Exam Mock Test Model Anskey Dt-25-09-2016

KVPY Sample Papers

2012-qa-sa KVPY KVPY Physics KVPY sample kvpy2010-SA-PartA kvpy2010-SA-PartB SA Question paper KVPYSA_2009 (1) KVPY Paper SA_2009 (2) KVPY Paper SA_2009 KVPY SX = 12th kvpy-question-paper-stream-sb-sx-2015 answer-key-sb-sx-2011 kvpy-2013-question-papers-stream-sb-sx kvpy-2015-answer-keys-for-sb-sx kvpy-answerkeys-2012-stream-sa-stream-sa-sb-sx kvpy-answer-key-sa-2013 kvpy-answer-key-sb-sx-2014 kvpy-question-paper-sb-sx-2014 kvpy-question-paper-stram-sb-sx-oct-2011 kvpy-question-paper-stream-sb-sx-2012


Sof and Silverzone IAPT IAPT_Olympiad Information Previous Question Papers KVPY Cell structure pps     

Workshop for Parents & NEET TWO Detail solution

NEET UG PHASE-II 2016 QUESTION PAPER & SOLUTIONS Realize Understand and USE capacities within YOU for YOU Registration and feed back form

JEE main + Advance admission

Information about different-Branches-of-Engineering

Worksheet for foundation 2016-18

Work sheet for students of foundation

Start Information

START Information for 2016 Enrollment form of START 2016-17