Foundation(Std 9th and 10th) Result

Major Test -1 Std. 10th (VB+GR) Dt. 12-05-17 Result of Std. 9th Portion Completion Test (PCT-02) Dt. 05-05-2017 Result of Std. 9 th Portion Completion Test (PCT-01) Dt 27-04-17

JEE, NEET & MHT-CET Mock Test Result-2017

MHT-CET MOCK TEST RESULTS: C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST-09 (MHT-CET) Dt. 08-05-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -8 (MHT-CET) Dt. 05-05-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -7 (MH-CET) Dt. 02-05-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -6 (MH-CET) Dt. 28-04-17 C-14 & NB 8 MOCK TEST -5 MH-CET Dt. 25-04-17 C-14 & [...]

Silverzone and NSTSE Result 2017

Silverzone result level 2 (Science olympiad) Silverzone result level 2 Maths Olympiad NSTSE_Unified_Council_Result -2017

Dr. Homi Bhabha Result-2017

homi bhabha silver medal winners in 2017 homi bhabha 3rd level Selection homi-bhabha-prints-2nd-level-selection      

NTSE-2017 Result

NTSE Result 2017

VVM State Level Winners

VVM State Level Winners   vvm- First Level result vvm-First Level-result with photo

Foundation Entrance : held on 5th Feb. 2017

Std. 9th (Studying in 8th going to Std. 9th) State Board Result Std. 9th (Studying in 8th going to Std. 9th) CBSE Result Std. 10th (Studying in 9th going to Std. 10th) Result   Read¬†INSTRUCTIONS FOR Students and Parents_ Previous Result --- Year-2016 JEE Advance result 2016 Bits Result HSC Results -2016 as known today [...]

Safe Hands and Autocrat : Exam Conducted on 25-Dec-16

Safe Hands and Autocrat Ent Result -Engineering (Exam Dt 25-12-2016) Safe Hands and Autocrat Ent Result -MEDICAL (Exam Dt 25-12-2016)

Olympiads(IAPT) Result-2016

Result of Junior Science Olympiad NSEJS Result of Biology Olympiad 2016 physics-olympiads-2016 chemistry-olympiads-2016 astronomy-olympiads-2016 Students Qualified for 2nd Level IAPT-2016 IAPT Result 2nd level Bio Olympiad 2016 IAPT Result 2nd level Astronomy Olympiad 2016

Result of KVPY-2016