Welcome to Safe Hands

Safe Hands is an institution where…

  • where education is not just profession but a mission
  • where we teach our students how to learn
  • where students are highly disciplined
  • where state topper of PMT studied how to learn
  • where state topper of PET studied how to learn
  • where Vidarbha topper of PMT studied how to learn for five times except state topper
  • where students are highly attached
  • where along with subject education social education is provided
  • where seven students learned who are/were at BITs
  • where one student till now went to BITs Ranchi
  • where students studying at NIT Suratkal, VNIT,VJTI, UICT, COEP, and so on were studying first video conferencing for education started
  • where 7 IITans were produced along with IITian PACE, Mumbai
  • where all three students who cleared regional mathematics Olympiad
  • where only student who cleared physics Olympiad is studying
  • where separate batch for AIPMT will be shaped
  • where students are monitored continuously
  • where not just today the tomorrow is getting built
  • where along with formal training students are given laboratory trainings

Start of concept CAPSULE BATCH…
Even though every one of us was involved in teaching from beginning a group by name SAFE HANDS started from 2001. We brought new concept of “Capsule Batch” where student will get all inputs of education, personality development, self realization, ability of self studies, social value additions and results. The first capsule batch was named as C-1 which was consisting of just 18 students. NEED OF PLACE : The class was growing, achievements were there, response was overwhelming, so we shifted from “Yaa” to “Vidya Bhavan”. It was just branching off, roots are still at “Yaa” but we stuck to one batch only ( for 8 years ) and in addition to it, we were having one rule the cancellation of admission was possible, and fee used to be refunded if student and teachers’ wavelengths are not matching. It was and it is the place where students are educated, so we can not use the rhythm “once sold, will not be refunded” (and still we have same pattern). The tempting moment came when the state topper of PMT and state topper of PET was from our place. We all were able to overcome the excitement, and without selling the achievement we started with further development…