Safe Hands

Safe Hands


Recent Events

Seminar Competitions (Presentations)

Seminars to be delivered on a topic are expected to be prepared through complete research and thorough understanding of that topic. A student delivering a seminar develops confidence to face audience, to answer the questions and experiences a boost in self-esteem.

Science Quiz

Science quiz is organized at the end of the year. The quiz includes rounds like solve the science riddles and perform the experiment on spot along with rounds like identify the picture, answer to question or rapid fire. These test the depth and application of scientific concepts learnt by students with attention and quickness to answer.


The students are demonstrated science experiments and each of them are allowed to perform those himself/herself ; sometimes individually or sometimes in group. They are prompted to build their concepts on practical knowledge.

Science Exhibition

It provides a platform for the students to use their innovative ideas. It also allows students to work together in groups and learn from each other.This further allows the students to develop their social & moral skills.

Educational Games

Gaming is really a workout for your mind disguised as fun.Games are sometimes played purely for enjoyment,Game like Science Housie, Science musical chair and science Dumb-charades make learning fun and bring out their competitive spirit.

Guest lectures by Eminent Speakers.

These lectures are always followed by question answer session between speakers and students. This way they get excellent opportunities to interact with experts of respective fields and are immensely benefitted from their expertise.

Educational tours

Tours at hemodialysis centre, biotechnology department of PDKV, Akola and Katepurna Sanctuary are organized for 11th and 12th students that provide the joy of discovery and opportunity to learn new things to grow professionally.

Debats & Dicussion

It Provides students the opportunity to explore real-world topics and issues. It helps students to build links between words and ideas that make concepts more meaningful.Debates also engage students through self reflection and encourage them to learn from their peers.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,